Energy Monitoring System
December 03, 2018



  • System Introduction


    We have devloped a dedicated Energy Monitoring System called Iammeter. It is a kind of online cloud based electrical power management platform in which your own Modbus energy meter can be connected. It can real time monitor the electricity usage so that it is widely used in industrial electricity system, commercial electricity system, household electricity system and solar system. And we have related wireless energy monitor hardware device - WIFI energy meter to track your home energy usage anytime. Alternatively, you can use our networked energy meters product for easier monitoring with Iammeter by one-key setup. You can monitor, analyze and save your energy consumption with this platform.
  • Key Function

    • Web-based system for remote tracking the electricity usage for household electricity system, or commercial electricity system, or industrial electricity system or solar system
    • See real-time statistics, historical data and energy consumption analysis, such as voltage, current, energy, power, to grid etc.
    • Visualized real-time data, historical data and energy consumption analysis for easy understanding
    • Any power meter which supports standard Modbus RTU protocol can be connected to Iammeter easily and fast
    • Open API enables perfect integration into corporate or personal websites
    • Quickly connect our networked meter to the platform and start monitoring your power consuming by one-key setup
    • You can set the power tariff for different billing method, such as fixed rate, tiered rate and time of use rate
    • You can set the alert notification when the accumulated electricity consumption reaches a predefined value
    • Android/IOS app available on Google Play or Apple store
    Get started to monitor and save your energy now on Iammeter!